Delta Anthology

The Delta Protection Commission is currently collecting historical and cultural materials on the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Selections and excerpts from these materials may be published in an anthology for high school and college readers as well as for those interested in learning more about this region’s rich culture and heritage. We are collecting writing that represents the experiences of Native Americans, travelers and settlers, owners and workers, and rural and urban dwellers in the Delta from pre-1800 through the 21st century, including those which suggest alternative futures for the region.

If you know of manuscripts, citations, archives, or leads on materials that we can research, or would like further information regarding this project, email

Please contact us with submissions or suggestions by September 30, 2019.


What are the boundaries of the Delta region for which you are accepting submissions?

As we define the Delta region, it is a triangle with Sacramento to the North, Stockton/Tracy to the East and South, and Benicia to the West. It includes the northern portion of the San Joaquin River, the southern portion of the Sacramento River, and their confluence. Please see this map (PDF) for further clarification on the region we are covering.

What kind of materials will you consider?

We will consider materials such as short stories, novels, family histories, biographies, autobiographies, poems, and songs.

Are you accepting new writing or only manuscripts and sources produced in the past?

We will consider some new writing along with historical writing. Our goal is to develop an anthology that balances the many periods of this region’s past.

Will all submissions be published?

No. An anthology between 300-400 pages in length may be published. We will review submissions and an editorial board made up of our partners will select those that seem most appropriate for potential publication. Submissions may be saved and considered in the event that future volumes are published or a website is created.

Will my entire submission or manuscript be published if selected?

In some cases, such as with short stories (under 3,000 words), poems, works of art, songs, etc., an entire selection may be published, but in cases of longer manuscripts, stories, and novels, only excerpts may be published.

Where can I mail submissions?

Submissions may be mailed to:

Delta Anthology
c/o Delta Protection Commission
2101 Stone Blvd, Suite 240
West Sacramento, CA 95691

You may also email If you have a source but need help with retrieving, scanning, or submitting it, contact Carrie with the information regarding the source, and she will provide support in retrieving the materials.

Archives, Libraries, and Private Collections

We know of materials that may be relevant to this project, but we do not have staff members who are available to retrieve these items. Can you help us assess and retrieve these items?

Yes. Please email She will get in touch with you to arrange to research the sources if necessary, and retrieve photos or scans of the materials.

Publication and Sponsorship

When will this volume be published and available for sale?

Follow us on Twitter @CA_DPC or visit this website for updates on publication and availability. You may also sign up to receive our Delta Heritage Courier newsletter for updates.

Who are the sponsors of this project?

The Tuleburg Press, Restore the Delta, and the Center for California Studies at CSU Sacramento have agreed to provide assistance with this project.

How can I, or my organization, become a project sponsor?

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of this project, contact Bob Benedetti at