Be Prepared

Visit the websites below for more information to help you BE AWARE, BE PREPARED, and TAKE ACTION.

BE AWARE of your Flooding Risks

BE PREPARED for a Flood Emergency

Flood Preparedness Activities

The Delta Protection Commission hosts the Delta Flood Preparedness Week in October and co-produces a Flood Preparedness Calendar with the California Department of Water Resources.


Monitoring Severe Weather and Flooding Conditions

Understanding Flooding Terminology

  • Flood Watch means it is possible that flooding will occur in a specified area. Be alert and prepared for a flood emergency.
  • Flood Warning means flooding is occurring or is imminent in a specified area. Move to safe ground immediately.
  • FLASH FLOOD Warning – means sudden and violent flood is occurring or is imminent in a specified area. Take immediate precautions to protect life and property.

NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards:

NOAA Sacramento Area Weather:

California River Conditions:

Sacramento County ALERT System:

San Joaquin County ALERT System:

Emergency Preparedness Kits

Because of the unique conditions of the Delta, it could take days before local response workers will be able to reach you during a flood emergency. You may need to survive on your own until help arrives. This means having your own food, water, and other supplies (PDF) in sufficient quantity to last for at least 72 hours.

Here are more resources for assembling an emergency kit:

Build a

Assembling Cost Friendly Emergency Supplies see attached (PDF)

Emergency Communication and Evacuation Plans

Nobody knows when a flood may happen. You won’t necessarily have much warning, and your family may be scattered, at work, running errands or traveling. It’s important that everyone in your household know what to do and where to go if an emergency occurs, so that you can communicate and find each other. The Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) has an excellent emergency plan template. The important questions are already there, just fill it in, print it out and make sure everybody has one.

Understanding what to do in an flood emergency can save lives. Choose a family meeting place and have a plan for how to communicate during an emergency. The plan should also contain how to leave your home during flood warning and evacuation routes. Visit these webpages for more information: