Delta Heritage

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Commission staff initiated the Delta Heritage Area Initiative (DelHAI) to further protect, enhance, and sustain the unique values of the Delta. By advancing activities and projects that elevate and promote the Delta, DelHAI is key in efforts to protect and enhance the values of “Delta as Place” — and demonstrates the region’s capacity for designation as a National Heritage Area.

Public education, historic preservation, tourism and recreation development, visitor amenities, and economic development activities are all areas in which we promote the Delta’s heritage and role in the national story.

Delta Heritage News

  • Presentations and handouts from the 2018 Delta Heritage Forum are now available.
  • Fall 2018 Delta Voice (PDF): The new edition of the Delta Voice features the history and diversity of Delta farmworkers.
  • Spring 2018 Delta Voice (PDF): In this Special Heritage Edition of Delta Voice we shared a few threads from the Delta’s heritage tapestry including the history of Filipino Americans in the Delta, the life and work of Erle Stanley Gardner, recent preservation projects, Ryde Hotel’s unique story, and a look back at the time of the steamers through the lens of historic sunken vessels.


History of the Program

The 2009 Delta Reform Act charged the Commission with developing a proposal to protect, enhance, and sustain the unique cultural, historical, recreational, agricultural, and economic values of the Delta as an evolving place (Water Code section 85301).  The proposal includes a plan to establish state and federal designation of the Delta as a place of special significance, which may include application for a federal designation of the Delta as a National Heritage Area.

Pending Congressional designation of a Delta NHA, the Commission has embarked on the Delta Heritage Area Initiative to advance and elevate recognition of the Delta’s unique values.

Partner Site Development

DelHAI aims to raise the profile of venues that are open to visitors and can educate the public on one or more of the five NHA themes:

  • Theme 1:  At the heart of California lies America’s inland delta
  • Theme 2:  Conversion of the Delta from marshland to farmland was one of the largest reclamation projects in the United States
  • Theme 3:  Multi-cultural contributions and experiences have shaped the Delta’s rural landscape
  • Theme 4:  The Delta, California’s cornucopia, is among the most fertile agricultural regions in the world
  • Theme 5:  The Delta lies at the center of California’s water resource challenges

Please contact the Commission if your site should be considered for partner site designation.