Land Use

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Oversight of Delta land use and resource management is a fundamental responsibility of the Commission. The Land Use and Resource Management Plan (Plan) guides development in the primary zone of the Delta through local government actions. The Plan focuses on agriculture, recreation, and natural resources. The Commission has initiated an update to the Plan. See the Land Use and Resource Management webpage for more information

Water is essential to agriculture – the foundation of the Delta regional economy. The Commission is committed to a reliable fresh water supply for the Delta, while remaining mindful of California’s other thirsty regions and insists that a viable California water solution must respect and protect the Delta’s unique values.

Current Program Focus

  • Land Use and Resource Management Plan – Statutory authority over Delta land use in the Primary Zone is the Delta Protection Commission’s legislative mandate.
  • Comment Letters- Commission staff evaluate development projects throughout the five Delta counties for consistency with the Land Use and Resource Management Plan.
  • California WaterFix – The Commission voted to oppose the Bay Delta Conservation Plan in May of 2013, citing important inconsistencies with the Land Use and Resource Management Plan for the Delta and other concerns, and has submitted comment letters in every public comment phase of the project.
  • Rural-Urban Connection Strategies – Delta agriculture is a foundation of the Delta’s regional economy. The Commission works to increase Delta agriculture sustainability through innovative economic strategies.
  • Invasive Aquatic Species – The spread of invasive aquatic species imperils the Delta ecology and economy, impacting shipping, recreation, native species, and agriculture.