Wildlife Friendly Farming

The Delta Protection Commission understands that the Delta offers irreplaceable habitat for hundreds of species, and works to create synergy between ecological and agricultural interests.  In 2005, the Commission responded to a grant proposal request for projects that would assist farmers in integrating agricultural activities with ecosystem restoration, submitting a proposal titled “Delta Working Landscapes” in collaboration with Ducks Unlimited, Hart Restoration, Inc., and local landowners.

Delta Working Landscapes

The Commission received grant funding in 2010, administered through the interagency Ecosystem Restoration Program by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.  Project partners developed wildlife-friendly agriculture and wetland restoration pilot projects as examples of what private landowners could adopt on larger scales throughout the Delta.  The objectives of the Program were to:

  • improve the environmental quality of existing landscapes in the Delta
  • demonstrate economic benefits of habitat-friendly cultural practices
  • understand the social, economic, environmental and governmental policy hurdles and/or incentives to perform conservation practices
  • communicate the advantages wildlife-friendly agricultural practices to landowners

Work on the Program was completed in 2012.