Levees and Emergency Response

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The Delta Protection Commission promotes the protection of life and property through the maintenance and improvement of Delta levees, and by facilitating coordinated emergency preparedness and response. This includes long-term planning for ongoing, cumulative levee improvements to address new issues as they arise over time.


As directed by SB 27 of 2008 (Water Code section 12994.5), the Commission participated in development of the “Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Multi-Hazard Coordination Task Force Report,” published in January 2012. The statute required the Office of Emergency Services (OES) to coordinate the Task Force, which included the Commission, the Department of Water Resources, and one representative from each of the five Delta counties. The Task Force made recommendations to OES (now known as California Emergency Management Agency, CalEMA), for creation of an interagency, unified command system and emergency preparedness and response strategy for the Delta region, as well as implementation of an all-hazard emergency response exercise in the Delta.

See the Task Force’s Report (PDF).