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The Commission has a wealth of publications available. While some of our published materials are available online, many others can be requested. Below you will find a list of our documents. If you don’t see what you are looking for or would like to request a document that is not available online, please reach out at any time to and we will get back to you promptly!

Please note that we are continually adding new and historical documents to this page.

Strategic Plan and Annual Reports

Delta Protection Commission Vision 2030 Strategic Plan

Annual Report (2019) (PDF)

Land Use

Land Use and Resource Management Plan (2010)

LURMP Update Subcommittee materials (2019)

LURMP Update Tribal Letters Sent and Received (2018, 2019)


Comment letter on Delta Conveyance Notice of Preparation (2020) (PDF)

Comment letters on WaterFIX – (2017, 2018)


The Delta Flood Risk Management Assessment District Feasibility Study (2018)

Delta Levee Investment Strategy – Letters (2015-2019)

Regional Economy

Economic Sustainability Plan for the Sacramento – San Joaquin River Delta (2012)

The State of Delta Agriculture: Economic Impact, Conservation and Trends (2020)

Salinity and Crop Choice in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta (2020)

Climate Change Vulnerability in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta: Agriculture and Levee Impacts (2019)

Socioeconomic Indicators Report: The Sacramento – San Joaquin Delta (2019)

Socioeconomic Indicators Report – Infographics (2019)

Connecting the Delta: Broadband Action Plan (2019)


Sacramento – San Joaquin Delta National Heritage Area Factsheet (2020) (PDF)

Sacramento – San Joaquin Delta National Heritage Area Feasibility Study (2012)

Delta Heritage Forum – Handouts and Slides (2018, 2019)

Community Action Plan – Clarksburg

Community Action Plan – Courtland

Community Action Plan – Hood

Community Action Plan – Walnut Grove

Delta Narratives – River Culture

Delta Narratives – Agriculture and Reclamation

Delta Narratives – Economic and Ethnicity

Delta Narratives – Writers and Artists

Recreation and Tourism

The Great California Delta Trail Factsheet (2020) (PDF)

The Great California Delta Trail Blueprint Report for Yolo, Sacramento, and San Joaquin County (2020)

The Great California Delta Trail Blueprint Report for Contra Costa and Solano County (2010)

Delta Recreation and Tourism Survey Report (2019)

Delta Recreation and Tourism Survey Report – Infographics (2019)

Recreational Boating Use of the Sacramento – San Joaquin Delta (2017)

Recreation Inventory Maps (2015)

Delta Voice Quarterly Newsletters

Spring 2020 (PDF)

Winter 2020 (PDF)

Fall 2019 (PDF)

Past Issues (2013-2019)