Delta Awareness Campaign

In 2012, a voter survey reported that 78% of California voters had never heard of the Delta. Considering the impact those voters can have on the Delta’s well-being, that needs to change.

In 2013, the Delta Protection Commission and the Delta Conservancy partnered in a two-stage effort to help raise awareness of the Delta as a historic, cultural, recreational and ecological treasure of the State. The first phase, led by the Commission, funded tourism research, identified market trends that offer opportunity to the Delta, and commissioned logos and brand standards for the Great California Delta Trail and the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta National Heritage Area (NHA) (still in proposal state at that time).

The second phase of the Awareness Campaign, co-led by the Delta Conservancy and the Commission, created Visit CA Delta a Delta-focused web presence, to provide a comprehensive overview of the Delta’s cultural, recreational, historical, ecological and agricultural tourism opportunities to potential visitors.

Prior to the NHA designation, it’s important to note that the Commission’s Delta Heritage Area Initiative (DelHAI) efforts resulted in the creation of a defined area, with specific boundaries, within which projects and resources were being focused to preserve the human heritage of the Delta. With the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta National Heritage Area signed into law by the President on March 12, 2019 the work to preserve and promote the Delta’s irreplaceable historic and cultural value will grow.

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Delta Marketing Task Force

Project Overview

The aim of Visit CA Delta is to spread awareness of the California Delta as a world-class tourism destination and as a place for people, homes, and businesses, filled with human history, cultural richness, and diversity. Visit CA Delta is an effort of the Delta community through the Delta Marketing Task Force and is in collaboration with the Delta Protection Commission and the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy. To date, Visit CA Delta has developed a logo for the Delta, established a 5-year Delta Tourism Awareness Marketing Plan, and launched a Delta recreation and tourism website and social media platforms.

Twitter: @VisitCADelta
Primary Hashtags: #VisitCADelta

Next Steps

The next steps for Visit CA Delta are exciting. The Task Force will increase its on-location promotional presence and involvement of the Delta community. Storytelling through captivating written, photographic, and video content will be a priority. Visit CA Delta will continue to promote the Delta in alignment with the 5-year-marketing plan through the Visit CA Delta website, e-newsletters, social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), and print materials such as the Delta Recreation Map to be released in 2018.

Another Visit CA Delta project is the Delta Sign Plan to be released in July 2018. The Delta Sign Plan has several target audiences, all committed to enhancing the visitor’s experience in the Delta. As a reference manual, the plan should be consulted for design principles and design standards for four sign types. Signs are designed to aid in wayfinding and advance recognition of and appreciation for the Delta as a destination and area of historic significance. The plan’s ultimate purpose is to help guide the development of graphically unified, strategically placed signs in the primary and secondary zones of the Delta.

Get Involved – Join the Delta Marketing Task Force!

The Delta Marketing Task Force is a group of Delta organizations, businesses, and residents that provide direction on the Visit CA Delta website, social media, and other marketing opportunities, such as the development of a recreation map and Delta Sign Plan. The Task Force meets no more than monthly and can be attended in-person or by conference call. Contact Stacy Hayden at (916) 375-4886 for more information and to join the Task Force.

The Delta Regional Foundation

During 2015, the Commission was approached by members of the public wishing to highlight Delta As Place values.  The group used input from Commission staff to create the Delta Regional Foundation, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) community benefit corporation.

The mission of the Delta Regional Foundation is to support and promote the following, throughout the Delta:

  • Cultural and historical preservation, education and events;
  • Tourism and recreation operations;
  • Agricultural project and programs.


The Commission is proud to partner with this committed group of Delta supporters and looks forward to a long and fruitful association with the Delta Regional Foundation.  Current efforts include the Delta Leadership Program and the DeltaFOREVER art show, presented at California State University, Sacramento in March of 2016.