Economic Sustainability Plan (ESP)

Economic Sustainability Plan

The 2009 Delta Reform Act required the Delta Protection Commission to prepare an Economic Sustainability Plan (ESP) for the Delta region, which was adopted in January 2012 (PRC section 29759). The ESP includes information and recommendations that inform the Delta Stewardship Council’s policies concerning the socioeconomic sustainability of the Delta region.

Recommendation topics included:

  • levees, public safety, and updates of the Department of Water Resource’s (DWR) flood management plan for the Delta
  • local government general plans and economic efforts affecting Delta agriculture, infrastructure, and Legacy Communities
  • options to encourage recreational investment in the Delta

A key finding in the ESP was that water quality, water supply, and the ability to divert water in the Delta are essential to the sustainability of habitat and ecosystem improvement, agriculture, tourism and recreation in the Delta.

Currently the Commission is working to update the Economic Sustainability Plan, gathering the most current data on recreation, agriculture, tourism, business development in the Delta and more.