Socioeconomic Indicators

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The Delta Protection Commission initiated the “Delta Socioeconomic Indicators Project” in June 2016, with the goal of compiling a regional set of data that would describe the overall economic and social well-being of the Delta region. Results and findings are presented as a snapshot that can be replicated in the future and tracked over time. Researchers from the U.C. Davis Center for Regional Change developed the list of indicators with input from multiple sources and compiled data for the Legal Delta, disaggregating (when possible) the data by Primary and Secondary Zones. The data sources used in the report are updated regularly and can be available for use in future reports.



Infographic Summary: Socioeconomic Indicators Report: The Sacramento San Joaquin Delta
Socioeconomic Indicators Summary Infographics (PDF) / Text Only Socioeconomic Indicators Summary (PDF)