Remote Meetings

Delta Protection Commission Meeting

Thursday, July 16, 2020
3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Remote Meeting Only; No Physical Meeting Location

The Commission Meeting Agenda (PDF) and associated documents are available.

Please note: When you join the meeting, you will be muted automatically.

Option 1: Zoom with Computer Audio

We highly encourage you to join the meeting on your computer via the link below and use your computer audio to participate. You can participate by launching Zoom in your Internet browser or downloading the Zoom app on your computer.

Join Zoom (using your web browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)

Meeting ID: 967 0773 0145

Password: 158158

Join Zoom (using the downloaded app on your computer)

Password: 158158

Option 2: Zoom via Mobile App

Join using the Zoom app on your mobile device (phone or tablet). After you download the app, open the app, select “join a meeting,” and enter the meeting number and password.

Meeting ID: 967 0773 0145

Password: 158158

See details about using Zoom on mobile devices.

Option 3: Teleconference Only

If you are not able to join using your computer or mobile device app, please join via phone call:

+1 (216) 706-7005

+1 (866) 434-5269 (US Toll-free)

Conference code: 114570

Find local AT&T numbers 

Option 4: Zoom with Phone Audio

(This is not a preferred option for joining as there is the potential to create echos and speaker feedback)

If you plan to join via computer and use your telephone for audio, join the Zoom meeting on your computer first, using the links in Option 1. For audio, use the “Call Me At” feature and enter your phone number to have Zoom call you.

Technical Assistance

For help in joining Zoom meetings, visit the Zoom support page. If you need additional technical assistance, please contact (preferred) or (916) 653-8486 (if needed).

Making Public Comment in Zoom or by Phone

If you join via Zoom on your computer or mobile phone app (Options 1, 2, and 4) use the “raise hand” feature to indicate that you would like to make a public comment. If you join via teleconference only (Option 3), press “#2” to virtually raise your hand to indicate you would like to make a public comment; if you press #2 again, you will remove your raised hand.

Submitting Comments Prior to Meeting

The public is encouraged to comment on any agenda item. We highly recommend submitting written comments OR a request to comment by emailing If you submit a written comment or request to comment, please include the agenda item in your email. The Chair will recognize you at the appropriate time during the remote meeting. The Chair will also pause before the discussion is closed and make a request for other verbal comments during the remote meeting. We request your patience during that time, and we will make sure that anyone who would like to make a comment is able to do so.

Comment Deadline: The deadline to submit comments or requests for comment is Noon on July 16, 2020. Written comments received at the Commission office by this deadline will be made available to Commissioners prior to the meeting.

Commission Members Anticipated to Attend

Oscar Villegas, Chair
Supervisor, Yolo County

Don Nottoli, Vice Chair
Supervisor, Sacramento County

Chuck Winn
Supervisor, San Joaquin County

Diane Burgis
Supervisor, Contra Costa County

Skip Thomson
Supervisor, Solano County

Michael Krieg
Councilmember, City of Oakley    Cities in Contra Costa and Solano Counties

Christopher Cabaldon
Mayor, City of West Sacramento    Cities in Sacramento and Yolo Counties

Jim Paroli
Representative, Central Delta Reclamation Districts

Justin van Loben Sels
Representative, North Delta Reclamation Districts

Nick Mussi
Representative, South Delta Reclamation Districts

Dan McElhinney
Alternate, California State Transportation Agency

Jenny Lester-Moffitt
Alternate, California Department of Food and Agriculture

Brian Bugsch
California State Lands Commission

Ex Officio Members

Honorable Jim Frazier
California State Assembly

Remote Meeting Best Practices

  • Review the agenda and meeting materials in advance.
  • Connect to the meeting prior to the start time.
  • Keep your audio on mute at all times when not speaking.
  • Although it can be very challenging in a remote meeting – don’t interrupt others. The chair/meeting host will make sure there is an opportunity for everyone to speak before moving on.
  • Before your talking points, be sure to introduce yourself, this will be necessary every time as we have not yet learned each other’s voices.
  • Stay seated and present.
  • Make sure you have a quiet space free of distractions.
  • Avoid multi-tasking.
  • Speaking clearly and concisely. Slow down and enunciate your words.