Flood Preparedness

Visit the websites below for more information to help you be aware, be prepared, and take action in case of a flood emergency. By preparing now, you are greatly improving the chances of survival for you and your loved ones. For even more information visit www.DeltaFloodReady.com.

Delta Flood Preparedness Week

Delta Flood Preparedness Week is in coordination with California Flood Preparedness Week. Federal, state, and local agencies join together each year in October to inform Delta residents and all Californians about flood awareness and preparedness to improve public safety.

Visit our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for helpful information and tips we posted during Flood Week, and search for the hashtags #CADeltaFloodReady and #CAFloodPrepWeek.

View the Expanded Flood Ready Special Edition of Delta Voice – (PDF)

Printable Flood Safety Handouts

This useful printable handout has important phone numbers and websites, an emergency kit checklist, and sections to fill in your emergency contacts and plan. Make multiple copies for your household members so everyone knows what they need to do in a flood emergency.

Flood Safety Handouts – English (PDF)

Flood Safety Handouts – Spanish (PDF)

Be Aware of Your Flood Risk

There are over 1,100 miles of levees protecting 700,000 acres of land in the Delta, and no matter how well built the levee, no levee is flood-proof. Know as much as you can about the threat of flood – your knowledge will be crucial to your household’s safety.

Understand Your Potential Flood Risk Near your Home

Know Flood Warning Terminology

  • Flood Watch means it is possible that flooding will occur in a specified area. Be alert and prepared for a flood emergency.
  • Flood Warning means flooding is occurring or is imminent in a specified area. Move to safe ground immediately.
  • Flash Flood Warning means a sudden and violent flood is occurring or is imminent in a specified area. Take immediate precautions to protect life and property
  • Download Emergency Information Apps to Your Smart Device

Reach Out to Delta Area Offices of Emergency Services (OES)

Signup for Emergency Alerts

Be Prepared for a Flood Emergency

Emergency Preparedness Kits

In the event of a flood, you may need to evacuate at a moment’s notice, and/or survive on your own for at least 72 hours or longer. This means food, water, and medications at a minimum. Keep these and other critical supplies in for you and your household, including pets. The supplies should be ready to “grab and go” in the event of an evacuation.

Emergency Communication and Evacuation Plans

Nobody knows when a flood may happen. You won’t necessarily have much warning, and your family may be scattered, at work, running errands, or traveling. It’s important that everyone in your household know what to do and where to go if an emergency occurs so that you can communicate and find each other. The Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) has an excellent emergency plan template. The important questions are already there, just fill it in, print it out, and make sure everybody has one.

Understanding what to do in a flood emergency can save lives. Choose a family meeting place and have a plan for how to communicate during an emergency. The plan should also contain how to leave your home during flood warnings and evacuation routes. Visit these web pages for more information:

Other Helpful Links