Annual Report

Letter from the Chair

Photo of Commission Chair Diane BurgisPursuant to the provisions of Public Resources Code § 29780, I am proud to present the 2022 Delta Protection Commission Annual Report (PDF).

The Commission and its dedicated staff made great strides towards the protection, maintenance, enhancement, and enrichment of the overall quality of the Delta environment and economy.

It is our mission to support agriculture, recreation, cultural heritage, and natural resources in the Delta. We continue our dedication to that mission through the ongoing advancement of our Strategic Plan (Vision 2030) while being adaptable to emerging challenges and opportunities.

With full support by all the Commission members, it is an honor to offer you the Delta Protection Commission Annual Report 2022.


Diane Burgis

2022 Actions – Highlights

Vision 2030 (Strategic Plan)

Visit our Vision 2030 (Strategic Plan) webpage for our mission, vision, and strategic themes.