Section 106 Newsletter – Sept. 9, 2022

Vol. #3: DWR Delta Conveyance EIR Provides First Opportunity to Protect Historic Properties

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) released the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the Delta Conveyance Project (i.e., the “Delta tunnel” or project) for public review and comment on July 27. The DEIR describes alternative ways to construct the tunnel; the alternatives’ environmental effects, including impacts on historic properties and other cultural resources; and measures to mitigate adverse effects. DWR has posted fact sheets and videos about the DEIR and the review process on the project website. The fact sheets and other information are also available in Spanish, Chinese, Hmong, Vietnamese, Khmer, and Tagalog. Copies of the DEIR can be found in libraries if you don’t have good access to internet. Read more.