DPAC Minutes 2023-08-01

Meeting Notes (APPROVED)

Delta Protection Advisory Committee (DPAC) Meeting

Tuesday, August 1, 2023, 5:00 p.m.

Heringer Estates Winery

1. Call to Order/Flag Salute/Welcome – Anna Swenson, DPAC Chair

Chair Swenson called the meeting to order at 5:40 p.m. A quorum was established. Chair Swenson honored people that have been lost this year – Bruce McLain, Kathy Hemley, Dr. Henry Go, Matt Hemley.

Committee members present included Chair Anna Swenson, Vice-Chair Russ Ryan, Arron Pellarin, Craig Watanabe, Gary Mello, Todd Bruce, Morris Lum, Edward Hard, Mariah Looney and Jim Cox.

Guest present included Jeff Caudill, Gilbert Cosio, Gerry Goodie and Barbara Barrigan-Parilla.

2. Public Comment – An opportunity for members of the public to address the Committee regarding items not on the agenda.

There was no public comment.

3. Approve April and June Meeting Notes – The Committee

The April and June meeting notes were not sent out to the Committee members; therefore, they cannot vote on approval. Chair Swenson would like an agenda item placed on the next meeting agenda to discuss meeting notes vs meeting minutes.

Member Looney stated that the April notes have inconsistencies and read a prepared statement.

Member Ryan stated that MET has an inclusive leader that supports everybody in the Delta. He has built bridges that allow for discussion and will give both sides representing him and the organization for which he works.

Chair Swenson made a statement of appreciation and encouraged members to submit agenda items when she sends out a call for agenda items.

4. County Abandoned vessel programs – The Committee

The Committee discussed the challenges that Delta counties have with the States Abandoned Vehicle Programs. Member Pellarin gave an overview of the funding structure for the programs.

Chair Swenson will send out a poll to the Committee to determine if this is a priority for the Committee.

5. Harmful algal blooms – The Committee

Chair Swenson asked the Committee if the members knew how notice for active Harmful Algal Blooms was broadcast to the community? Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, the Executive Director of Restore the Delta, gave a presentation on their notification process. Chair Swenson will include this in the poll to the Committee members to determine if this is a priority for the Committee.

6. Invasive plant control presentation – Edward Hard, Boating and Waterways

Jeff Caudill from Boating and Waterways gave a presentation on Invasive plant control.

7. Discussion of Levee Funding – Bruce Blodgett

The Legislature is on recess so there is no movement. There are several bond measures in place and the three Delta agencies have submitted funding recommendations for Delta projects.

8. Receive update on Delta Protection Commission activities – Bruce Blodgett

Director Blodget updated the Committee on staffing changes, the National Heritage Area and Freeport signage.

9. Adding a Delta Tribal and additional delta business representative – Bruce Blodgett

Director Blodgett recommended that the Committee add two (2) seats to the Committee – a Tribal Representative and another business representative. The Committee discussed options. Member Pellarin moved that the Committee add two (2) seats – a Tribal representative and a Delta
representative. Chair Swenson seconded the motion. The Committee members voted unanimously on the motion.

10. Member Announcements and Next Meeting

Vice-Chair Ryan asked the Committee if he could invite a speaker to discuss Broadband to the next meeting.

Member Looney stated that Restore the Delta is opening an office and could host Committee meetings.

Member Cox stated that Big Break Community Center is a potential meeting venue.

The next meeting is October 3, 2023 at 5:30pm.

11. Adjourn

Chair Swenson adjourned the meeting at 7:38 p.m.