Community Action Planning

Community Action Plans

The Commission, in partnership with local governments, has supported Delta communities with preparing community action plans that identify quality of life, economic development, historic preservation, transportation, and public safety improvements.

Commission assistance with implementing the community action plans includes providing planning and policy expertise, assistance with obtaining funding, and serving as a government liaison.

Delta Community Design

The Commission has prepared a Delta Community Design Study Recommendations Report (PDF). This report describes recommended physical improvements to Sacramento River Delta communities based on meetings and surveys conducted in 2020.

For more information on Community Action Plans and Design contact us.

Improved Broadband Access in the Delta

Through the community action planning process, broadband infrastructure was identified as an essential utility needed to serve residents, businesses (including agricultural operations), and visitors. Broadband access supports economic growth and connects individuals and households to business, government, health, safety, and educational resources. Proper infrastructure and education around this technology are necessary for communities to fully participate in society, democracy, and economy.

In 2019, Valley Vision completed Connecting the Delta: Broadband Action Plan (PDF), a report prepared for the Commission to inform local governments and all those affected by the lack of high-speed internet service of recommended actions to improve broadband adoption and support.

Based on data collected by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)broadband internet access continues to be a considerable challenge for many communities in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The Commission partnered with Valley Vision to produce a report, Broadband Coverage in the Delta, that shows what service providers have reported to the CPUC as the level of service in the legacy Delta communities (Clarksburg, Courtland, Hood, Isleton, and Walnut Grove plus an expanded area including Bethel Island, the Delta Loop, Freeport, Rio Vista, and Terminous). A study completed by Valley Vision has produced both a broadband map (PDF) and report card (PDF) for communities in Sacramento and Yolo Counties. An interactive broadband map is also available from the CPUC to identify broadband access in other areas of the region.

One way to improve broadband access for Delta residents and businesses is to participate in the State’s CalSPEED program. This program provides users with a professional-level, industry-standard testing tool to measure the quality and speed of their mobile broadband connection and have that data transferred to a public repository at CPUC.

There is also an opportunity for people to volunteer in a separate, home broadband study. You can learn more about that project at the CalSPEED website and complete a survey to see if you may qualify as a volunteer.
As broadband policy and grant funding decisions are determined by service actually provided and not service advertised, the more data gathered from programs like CalSPEED the better the prospects are for improved broadband access in the Delta. Please consider participating in these programs.

For more information on Delta Broadband Access contact Virginia Gardiner.

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